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Line of Control by Minahil Bukhari and Mustaali Raj

Rickshaws in Gujrat (Pakistan) and Jodhpur (India)

In a world where we often identify ourselves, our communities, our cultures, our faiths, by highlighting how we are different than others, it is so refreshing to see a conscious and creative endeavour to shine light on commonalities - in this case between peoples and nations that have (literally) been divided for decades.

"In the summer of 2018, artists Mustaali and Minahil travelled to both India and Pakistan, their birth places respectively. These two countries share a common history, heritage and political tension. The poetics of this conjoined relationship, between both countries, became apparent when they visited the Lahori gate in Delhi and the Delhi gate in Lahore. There were moments in their travel that emanated this sentiment so perfectly they decided to capture it through the lens of their camera. This led to the beginning of the Line of Control series where they captured history, moments, architecture, and subject matter that mirrored one another across the Indo-Pak border." - extract from

Although it has been a few years since the launch of this project, I believe and its objective are more relevant with each passing day. Having been fortunate to visit India and Pakistan myself, along with neighbouring countries such as Afghanistan and Tajikistan, I am certain that's learnings can be applied to many regions of the world where ethics, values, melodies, rhythms, fragrances, tastes and smiles are oblivious to the borders which divide them.

Below are a few of the photo comparisons by Minahil and Mustaali, but be sure to checkout to see all of their photos. Each comparison comes with a neat slider that allows you to view each picture in its entirety where you can appreciate the skill of Minahil and Mustaali as photographers.

Hero Selfies in Karachi (Pakistan) and Delhi (India)

In addition to, Minahil and Mustaali have collaborated on other projects such as a mural within Vancouver's Punjabi Market. The two also have their individual careers and produce incredible art within their own areas of specialty. Minahil knew from very early that she wanted to be an artist. Having an MFA, she has a general focus around fine arts, interior design and visual arts such as photography and object design (like these really cool jewelry and ceramics). Mustaali started off with a career in engineering, but soon realized that art was his pathway. After going back to school to study studio arts and graphic design, Mustaali now focuses on digital art, identity branding (like KitKat's Iftar Bar!) and is pursuing other creative channels to spread social good such children's books.

More posts on each of these brilliant artists to come, until then enjoy

Tombs in Multan (Pakistan) and Delhi (India)


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