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  • Hussein Charania

The Captivating Imagination of Vimal Chandran

Vimal Chandran is a storyteller. His medium? You name it - words, sketches, paintings, photos, film. As a profound multidisciplinary artist, one thing in common with his wide range of art is the principle of allowing himself to freely use his imagination. This principle can be observed in his beautiful sketches (above), which he creates while traveling to different parts of the world or while exploring his home state of Kerala, India. Instead of just capturing the scene in its reality, Vimal adds what he sees while he is experiencing the moment. As mentioned in his TEDx talk below, he takes this principle and applies it to larger scale projects involving art curation and film.

Vimal is always working on thought-provoking stories, which you can find and follow on his various platforms. You can also purchase some of his amusing work through his shop!


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