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  • Hussein Charania

The Hidden House by Aslam Sham Architects

The "Hidden House" stands out, as intended by its architects. The articulations, materials, textures, and green slope, all provide a beautiful, natural looking facade around its 3 stories - avoiding any towering over its surrounding environment.

The client is a self-made, young, tech-ed entrepreneur in Calicut, Kerala, who commissioned Sham Salim and Aslam Karadan, founders of aslamsham architects to build a house for his extended family that was subtle but not simple.

The house accounts for 3 layers of privacy: guest/public, family, and personal, with quick access to each via various mini levels. In the centre of it all is an indoor courtyard, equipped with a Koi pond and a ceiling which lets in a controlled flow of elements such as rain and sunlight.

Photo by Justin Sebastian

Although the architects prefer not to stick to any one style in their projects, they always do their best to respect the intrinsic nature of the materials used, especially in this house which has a cohesive relationship with the earth on both the interior and exterior.

Photo by Justin Sebastian

Photo by Justin Sebastian

For a more info and walkthrough of the Hidden House, checkout the below video from Buildofy


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