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Joy Crookes - Khoob Bhalo Aachi

Photo by Katie Silvester

There are so many layers to the identity of Joy Crookes, and each layer has depth and complexity: Lyrical and visual activist, storyteller, Bangladeshi, Irish, South Londoner, hip-hop head, punk rocker, and of course, artist.

Her voice, music, and style are all enough to get you hooked, and once you dive deeper you realize it's all beautiful wrapping around a gift - the values and principals that she firmly stands by.

An example: In her cinematic and melodious "Feet don't fail me know" video, Joy does a wheelie on a motorcycle while wearing a white sari. In Bengali (and many other South Asian cultures), a white sari is worn by widows. Joy took this opportunity to influence the narrative and propose that a women's identity should not have to be defined by her husband's, or late husband's.

Photo by Reuben W Deschamps

Some interesting facts about Joy:

  • Her mother and father are of Bangladeshi and Irish backgrounds, respectively, and she identifies with Bangladeshi culture.

  • Her favourite food is "anything made by an Aunty"

  • Her favourite artists range from Kendrick Lamar, to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, to the Clash.

  • She still has her Dad's old Peugot 206, a car filled with memories of them listening to music together when she was young.

Photo by Reuben W Deschamps

Her Album "Skin" is a must listen of soulful jazz and R&B. She is currently working on her second album which will no doubt continue the trajectory of this incredible artist who will hopefully be better known in both the east and the west.

Checkout the below videos for "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" and "When You Were Mine" which sum up the complex beauty produced by Joy Crookes.

Last but not least, here are some of the artists that Joy collaborated with on these songs/videos:

Blue May - Producer, electric guitar, percussion, programmer, engineer

Barney Lister - Co-producer, writer, background vocals

Joel Pott - Writer

Tev'n - Background vocals, piano, programmer, additional producer

Jalen N'Gonda - Backing vocals

George Chung- Engineer

Amy Langley- Cello, string arrangements

Tom Skinner- Drums

Dayna Fisher - Bass

Amy Stanford - Viola

Ellie Stanford, Gita Langley, Jessie Murphy - Violin

Mark Stent - Mixing engineer

Simon Francis - Mastering engineer

Carlota Guerrero - Artwork, creative director

Mat Maitland - Creative director

Regina Meessen - Hair

Mata Mariélle - Makeup

Matthew Josephs - Styling

Row Seward - Styling assistant


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