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  • Hussein Charania

Raaginder - Gone Soon


Get to know Raaginder while you can - Coming from a family of musicians, he started early with Tabla and other traditional instruments. He was soon voluntold by his parents to take up the Violin in his grade 5 band class. We should thank them, because today he produces violin-infused music unlike anything else out there.

His early influences included his teacher the late Dr. Sisir Kana Dhar Chowdhury, A.R. Rahman, and Kanye West. After initially recording covers, Raaginder started to produce his own music, would eventually add his own vocals, and today compliments it all with a visual style that is also distinctive.

As a frequent collaborator, some of Raaginder's recent work includes contributions to the Ms. Marvel Soundtrack, and a partnership with the incredible producer Khanvict. The two of them have released some must hear joints like the Butterflies remix, and are currently preparing for their joint North American tour "Arrival".

Raaginder is also expanding his solo portfolio, with his latest song Gone Soon, about which he wrote on his IG: "Gone Soon was composed during a period when life felt fleeting, with people entering and exiting our lives, leaving us with lingering emotions. The song draws inspiration from the transient nature of everything, including our own existence, reflected in its recurring theme of mortality."

Make sure to check out Gone Soon along with others in his repertoire where he brilliantly immerses the heart stringing power of the violin with both traditional and contemporary beats and lyrics.


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