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  • Hussein Charania

The Safdarjung House by AKDA

In recent years, residential design in North America has seen inspiring trends of styles, tones, and materials influenced by both Japanese and Scandinavian traditions. It is exciting to see how social media has been a venue for the spread and adaption of all forms of art, including architecture. When I came across the remarkable Safdarjung House in New Delhi by Amit Khanna Design Associates (AKDA), it made me wonder when we will see a global presence of design elements from other countries in the east.

As a fan of architecture, here are a few learnings that this house has exemplified for me.:

  • A solution for an extended family to stay together, while providing enough distance for individuals or immediate families to have their own space - Each floor of this house is like its own unit/apartment

  • Combining contemporary responses to urbanization with traditional craftsmanship. - This multi-unit building is unified by a facade made of traditional bricks that create a beautiful Jali for light to enter in patterns.

  • Complimenting straight and rectangular forms for function with simple circular forms for aesthetics - Architect Amit Khanna's nod to one of the great architects he has admired, Louis Kahn.

All photos by Andre J Fanthome

For a walkthrough of the house and interview with its architects, checkout this video below by Buildofy


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